Revolution Raffle For Bristol Kite Fest

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Revolution Raffle For Bristol Kite Fest

Postby Darkspark » Sat, Jul 04 2009, 01:49 AM

For those of you that do not frequent revolution's forum, they are auctioning off 5 very cool framed Greg Kono kites. Tickets are $20 and they are selling 50 . Good odds! 1 in 10. The proceeds are to help keep The Bristol Kite Festival going. So if it is a fest that you have on your bucket list, here is your chance to help keep it alive! Happy 4th!

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Re: Revolution Raffle For Bristol Kite Fest

Postby Mike » Sat, Jul 04 2009, 08:13 AM

Here's the link: ... c=2924&hl=

The Bristol fest is a cool festival with a great crowd.
Definitely on the IKE bucket list. They took really good care of the fliers when I was there last year. I've already sent them a personal donation.

Thousands of folks turn out to watch the show:

Lots of revs, forming two big revs, that flew across the sky to make a leading edge kiss.

Ok, just a goofy pic to prove I was there.

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