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Nominations needed for Regional Director

Posted: Mon, Jul 14 2008, 06:59 PM
by Mike
I received this email from Kathy Brinnehl:
Hello to all the Kite Clubs in Region 6 !

As an AKA club you may have heard that it's almost that time of year to vote for your Regional Director and President, and we need your help!

Do you know someone in your club or region, or out on the flying field, or a perhaps kite friend that would make a great Regional Director or AKA President? If so, following are the necessary requirements for someone to run as a candidate:

-- You must be 21 years old
-- You must be a member of the American Kitefliers Association
-- You must reside in the region in which you wish to represent as Regional Director
-- Only members may nominate other members
-- A member may nominate him/herself

The term of office for a Regional Director is three (3) years.

The term of office for the President is one (1) year.

Again, please talk to people out on the kite field, at club meetings, or make some phone calls and see if there is someone you think would make a great candidate. Please send all nominations to "" and the Nominations Committee will do the rest! Please note, all submissions must be received no later than August 1st.

Thank you in advance for your help and keep those kites in the sky!

Kathy Brinnehl
Nominations Committee Chair

Re: Nominations needed for Regional Director

Posted: Mon, Jul 14 2008, 07:02 PM
by Mike
Here's some more info from Barbara Meyer, posted in response to a question posted at the AKA forum.

How many events does an RD atttend? That depends on the price of gas, the amount of vacation time available, and the other responsibilities like family and work that an RD has to deal with.
A huge part of an RD's job is reviewing the requests for insurance and sanctioning. This requires a 24 hour turn around, sometimes less.
Another part is acting as liason to help members get answers to their requests. This could be tracking down membership info, where's the magazine, who can help with workshops, where's a good place to fly. Being a liason also means getting information out to the members in the region letting them know what is going on. That entails keeping in touch with the clubs, and individuals to find out what festivals and fun flys are happening around the region. some RD's send almost weekly reports, others just when a notice is sent to them.
The RD also acts as the voice of all the members in the region during discussions on the board of directors. The board is charged with setting policy for the entire organization. Typical items reviewed are request for rule changes, establishing dues, setting convention rates, approving insurance contracts, etc.
The bod is also a sounding board to help each RD problem solve. Often a problem in one area, such as keeping the fields safe for spectators, has been already addressed in another area and a solution offered.
The biggest things a new RD needs to do? First of all listen to what has gone on before. This can be done by reviewing policies and manuals on the AKA site; looking over previous bod email; asking questions of other directors, be open to suggestions.
Often an RD will be asked to serve on a committee. This could be the Kite art; kite records, by-laws, ways and means (rasing money), club liason or any of the other committees that do a lot of the work of the AKA. The RD of the region where the convention is being held will also serve on the annual meeting committee. That means, the RD for #6, will be on the annual meeting committee next year.
Sometimes, an RD is asked to chair a committee, or to accept additional responsibilites by also taking the role of treasurer, or a vice-prez.
The great RD's keep in touch with their region's members; attend what flys they can; and are a voice on the board for their region. Each one has a different style, and are willing to keep an open mind.
Hope these notes help you out. Let me know if there are any other questions.

Re: Nominations needed for Regional Director

Posted: Mon, Jul 14 2008, 07:03 PM
by Mike
A little more from Barb:
Each RD has their own style at an event, and it also depends on the type of event. Is it on the beach, or the ice? Is it a competition, a major festival, or a local fun fly?

Each RD recieves an AKA banner to display at events, and an official name tag to wear. Most travel with membership forms and extra copies of Kiting to pass out. Some will set up a table with information. Most of all they talk to people, are friendly, and provide information or contacts to help anyone that asks.
Oh, and another thing a good RD does, is to contact the local stores and get them AKA membership blanks to display by the register for each sale.

Re: Nominations needed for Regional Director

Posted: Mon, Jul 14 2008, 07:07 PM
by Mike
Oh, our region of the AKA is Region 6, which covers MN, WI, IA, IL and IN.

Finally, here's the aka handbook for RDs: ... ndbook.pdf

So, is there someone here who would like to do this?
Someone y'all would recommend?

Questions? Comments?

Al, weren't you a RD once?

Re: Nominations Needed For Regional Director

Posted: Mon, Jul 14 2008, 09:42 PM
by TheBigKiteGuy
I was the Region Six RD for six years. I generally made it to at least two events in each state, usually many more. I made it a point to travel to places that did noy often see an AKA rep and literally put several thousand miles on my old Jeep each year. It can be very rewarding meeting people around the region, but in the interest of full disclosure, you are involved in running the business that is the AKA. Someone has to do the work that helps others have more fun, an RD is part of that.

Re: Nominations Needed For Regional Director

Posted: Wed, Jul 23 2008, 06:14 PM
by Barbara
Here's hoping someone from this group steps up and volunteers. As of yesterday, there have been 2 people nominated from our region, but neither has yet accepted. Those of you living in IL are best postioned to actually be able to visit events across the region, without taking out a loan to fill up the tank.
This is an opportunity to be a real force for positive change in the AKA. IKE is a growing club, and some of what you do may well be able to be adapted to the AKA. Your ideas and energy are needed. Don't be shy, many were conned, oops talked into serving dispite out doubts, and then found it to be very rewarding.
I know Kathy said 8/1, but I think the date is more like 7/26, anyway that's what on the AKA website.