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Steak Size?

Posted: Fri, Jun 20 2008, 03:20 PM
by Mux11
the 8oz seems to do the trick when your talking about meat, but what about holding down the kite?

What size steak would make you feel comfortable with say my sutton 30?

Dont know as if I need the 42" circus tent stakes, although they are impressive!

Thanks `James

Re: Steak Size?

Posted: Tue, Jun 24 2008, 10:12 AM
by Mike
Just bumping this thread.
If you don't get an answer here, try Lots of SLK folks with lots of opinions over there.

Re: Steak Size?

Posted: Tue, Jun 24 2008, 01:12 PM
by akillip
For some of my smaller kites I use a big old machine bolt that you can buy at Lowes for a couple of bucks. Buy a washer to fit, grind a point on it. Works good.


Re: Steak Size?

Posted: Tue, Jun 24 2008, 06:31 PM
by awindofchange
For a sutton 30 you shouldnt need that much stake unless your ground is really soft or your flying in hurricane wins. We stake our sutton 125's and 250's with a standard round concrete form stake you can purchase from Lowes or Home Depot. The cost is usually under 5 bucks each and it comes with holes in it that you can drill out and put a eye bolt to hook your carabiner onto. We usualy get the ones that are 2 or 2.5 feet long. Pound them into the ground with a sledge so that 8-10 inches is out of the ground and tie off.

Very easy to do and very inexpensive. Plus if someone takes it you aren't out much.

This last weekend we were flying and I had my Peter Lynn Maxi Ray out. I staked one stake in the front and two more stakes behind on either side. The Manta was staked from the front stake and I had a line ran from the ground of the two back stakes to the top of the front stake so that if the front stake started to pull, it would pull near the ground on the back two stakes. The winds picked up to 18-20 mph and the Manta held just fine. It was quite a job pulling it out of the air but it all went well and it stayed put just like it should.

Hope that helps.