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Frodos Double Parasled

Posted: Sun, Mar 04 2007, 10:52 PM
by Frodos Majik
Here is a shot of my double parasled.[albumimg]653[/albumimg]
It is a Rock solid flier, even with out the droque cone or tails. :mrgreen: I will be making another one and will take pictures of the process. I dont remember when I found the plans originally, but found on kite builders a run down on it. From there I found out that in kiteline magazine they did a two page article on it. Much better plans and info. here is a link to the site. pages 12 and 13. The plans in the magazine are for full size, just cut them in half. Word of caution, the full size is 9x15, calls for FORTY yards of material!! :shock: (hey Babbman/Chris) Now thats BIG!! :rotfl
Stay tuned for pictures of the next one, in near future. :wink: