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Re: Le Kainos

Posted: Tue, Feb 20 2007, 08:40 PM
by kiteguy
I have serious doubts about the possibility of a Le Kainos quad ever getting into the air. However, making it with Photoshop certainly was a success, and a good looking one at that.

I got all wound up to make one of the Le Kainos SLK version, but when I got to reading about it closely I keep seeing that it was a steady wind flyer. Steady winds are just not the norm in my neck of the woods. In fact, shifting, varialbe winds are the thing we have to deal with.

Hope you have some good luck, Draftnik, with yours. Keep us posted on the results, I may change my mind. [smiley smilie=8 fontcolor=000000 shadowcolor=000000 shieldshadow=1]Lots of luck![/smiley]

Sword Quad

Posted: Tue, Feb 20 2007, 08:45 PM
by kiteguy
Not sure, but I think the quad line sword was made by New Tech. Not for long, though. I never did see one in the flesh, so to speak.

I also noticed that on the arrow kite there was a much larger "point" on the commercial version. Did he fly it as a quad, or as a three line kite?

Re: Le Kainos

Posted: Tue, Feb 20 2007, 09:11 PM
by Hector Herrera
I personnaly DID like your Le Kainos Kite, and I think it would make a serious competitor to the Revo. kites. Even before your posting of that Kite I tough about making changes to the original Revo. And since Le Kainos is allready done, then it would be a matter of experimenting something new. I guess nobody is going to do that, so, right after the Kite Party in Huntington Beach, CA. I may start doing some brain washing about the Le Kainos Quad. (my idea may work very well, and it would be revolutionaire)
Capish. 8)

Re: Le Kainos

Posted: Wed, Feb 21 2007, 08:51 AM
by Draftnik
Well, look who's here! Hi Kiteguy, good to see you! I got one of the Le Kainos up this weekend. The winds were rough, up to 20mph. It smeared a bit to both sides at times, but also spent some time sitting nicely. It wasn't the best conditions to be messing around with bridles in and I was flying low. I still have hope that come better weather I'll get it straightened out more. All things considered I thought it flew fairly well!

I have a 4 point bridles on these, cause some of the pics seem to show that. The 4th line goes to the top of the inner string triangle and helps it keep it's shape. However, it's a tricky line to get set cause the top bridles come over the top of the sail and are pretty dynamic lines depending on how the winds bending them on that top sail. I just pulled all four lines down together and knotted them together and knotted them in one spot. I think there's a better way to do this but didn't get it figured out on the field this weekend.

The 4th bridle and the bottom one, need to be tied off together since neither of them is dynamic, then the top two tied off and a secondary bridle (like a rok) to run between the two pairs of lines? Maybe the directions showed this but I put them aside and didn't get back to them to see how the bridles are set. Or some elastic to give that 4th line a bit more play? My bridles lines are short too, so maybe lengthing them will help too? Or just going with the full 8' version that I hear calling my name? :wink:

Again good to see ya here!

Re: Le Kainos

Posted: Wed, Feb 21 2007, 09:47 AM
by Mike
Welcome to the club kiteguy!
Dave, we would love having you as a member. We have several new sewers here who are doing amazing stuff but we all could benefit your experience. We'll have to try having some member meetings closer to the Kansas side of Illinois!

Re: Le Kainos

Posted: Thu, Feb 22 2007, 03:03 AM
by kiteguy
Draftnik, I was under the impression that the two lines to the top were fastened to the edge of the material at the top. I got this impression from looking at photos of lots of the kites. Nothing from the plans. Yet.

Re: Le Kainos

Posted: Thu, Feb 22 2007, 07:45 AM
by Draftnik
Those top bridle lines go over the top of the sail and attach to the spar on the bottom. They hold a scoop in the top sail and keep it presented to the wind.

Come to think of it, my spars weren't real tight and that may be the solution to getting mine to fly more smoothly. Tighter spars would keep that scoop from moving so much.