Simple Bol - Christmas Present

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Simple Bol - Christmas Present

Postby Mux11 » Fri, Dec 26 2008, 02:01 PM

So youve seen it in another post but here is the write up.

So my first sew project was the 8' RWB bol from the triangles and my 4yr old daughter loves to be yanked around by it.

For this christmas I thought I would make her one of her own and wanted to do one that she could better manage. And wanted to try a different design.

Using the MAKR Bol, March 2003, By Dave Ellis - posted at kitebuilder forum by Kiteguy [Thanks!]

Using stock from one of Steves Sample packs I was also thinking I would cold cut to see what happens. Of couse had to use her fav colors Pink and white.
Marked out the triangles for cutting. Even had her help me with parts of hte project.

Image Image

Thought I would try my hand at a little aplique with putting her name in...
Image Image Image
Putting on the colorImage Cutting away Image
The stars being the two opposite colors I stiched the star with three layers and cut away two layers.

Nothing wrong with recruiting help. Putting that delegation training to work ;)

The brial attachments: I decided to try something I had seen on another project and sew in pigtails for the attachment. When I put on the Bridals Im planning to do a larks head or pruskit (sp?)

First Two pieces together.
Image Feeding it through the machineImage My daughter took this :)

Note on the seemage. For the triangle halfs I did just a double stiched folded seam. to put the pannels together I did a rolled seam. Looking back I think I would have liked a rolled seam for the two triangle halfs. Think it might have made the letters look a little better and is generally cleaner.
All together in the hallway. It is a bit bigger than I originally thought it would be.
Image Image

I didnt take any pictures working on the bridaling but the instructs recommend 2x diam. having it laid on the floor I used the farthest tips as the reference distance. Instead of 12 bridals I did 6 bridals twice as long attaching to two points on the bol. this let me string them all up and adjust the flying point and tying an overhand. might be a little overkill for a bol but its what made sense to me.

got it done last sunday and although it was 8degs with gusts up to 40mph the wind chill was -20 something I couldnt resist going out and seeing what it looked like.
with the gusts being in the front yard the wind is really turbulant but heres what it looks like.
Im waiting till we take it out for some good flight and Ill video and post it up.

Image Image Image Image Image

The bridals are prob 3/4 too long so ill have to do some adjusting there but well see. I was amazed at how much it didnt pull. for the size it is really gentle in the hand. meaning sizing up will be no problem :twisted:

Prob my fav part of this project is Im feeling more confident with my working with the material and stiching and so forth. Signed up for the PitBull project so i got to get the practice in.

Well even though she helped with cutting, stiching, and messing with the bridals.... she ripped open the present and was thrilled that it was all hers to fly when she wants to.

Over all easy project to do and even with adding the letters and stars it was a short project.

Pic album: ... directlink

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Re: Simple Bol - Christmas Present

Postby Mike » Fri, Dec 26 2008, 04:32 PM

Thanks for the writeup.
I don't have enough experience to say one or the other, but most people say bridles can't be too long. How does it behave with shorter bridles?

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