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New Sand Anchors

Posted: Sun, Jan 28 2007, 12:03 PM
by Mike
I've used a big piece of cloth with parachute cord (500 lb line) attached to it as a sand anchor. It's kind of a pain to dig the hole.
There's been some discussion on another forum on this new anchor:
Click here for PDF
The folks making a big deal about them don't have many posts to their name, so they may be shills for the company. However, someone is bringing some to Kite Party, so I'll try to check them out when I'm there.

They sure would be nifty if they work well. And you guys that have been making all those SLKS will want them for Grand Haven.

Re: New Sand Anchors

Posted: Sun, Jan 28 2007, 01:42 PM
by Chris
Looks like a great idea! I've seen similar products for dog tie outs, but not with the ability to remove so easily. Definitely give us a report Mike-inquiring minds want to know :wink: