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Repairing The Keel On A 12 Foot Delta

Posted: Thu, Jul 16 2009, 09:24 PM
by RevJB
I attempted to fly an old 12 foot Delta in Decatur in the 30+ mph winds. :oopsp:

I have a 4" rip in the keel very close ad parallel to the edge where a small grommet was attached for a higher line attachment. The grommet was pulled out of the fabric. The keel is a single layer of white ripstop.

I've looked at several ideas:

1.) Take out the other lower grommet and reinforce the keel with 2 triangles of white ripstop sewn on either side of the original keel to provide three layers. Then I need to reinsert the grommets.

2.) Reinforce the keel with some heavier material

3.) Repair the rip with either ripstop tape or dacron tape

I also need to repair the spreader pockets. I was planning to use 1" webbing sewn into the leading edge inner seam plus a small triangle into the sail for reinforcement. The spreader is a 1/4 inch fiberglass solid rod.

Any advice on type of repair and if grommets are the best way to provide line attachments?



Re: Repairing The Keel On A 12 Foot Delta

Posted: Fri, Jul 17 2009, 09:42 AM
by Mike
Can you post a photo of the tear on the keel?
Without seeing it, and off the top of my head, one possibility is to sew a tab for attaching the lines:
Take a piece of ripstop, say about 1" wide by 6" long. Fold it in thirds to 6" x 1/3". Sew that on to the keel leaving a 1/2" exposed loop. Then and tie a bit of string onto the tab for the bridle attachment. The tab may spread out the pull over a larger area than the grommet.

Does that make any sense?

The spreader pocket repair sounds good. I'd use some heavy dacron (3.9 oz) for the reinforcement. I can mail you a piece or bring some to the next club fly. Let me know what color and how big a piece you need. You can have any color as long its black or white. I guess that's actually the absence of color or all the colors, right?

Re: Repairing The Keel On A 12 Foot Delta

Posted: Thu, Jul 23 2009, 03:33 PM
by RevJB

Thanks for the reply. Took me awhile to get the pics. Tear isn't as bad as it sounded (or I remembered)

Image Image Image

The spar pockets are on a red section and a teal section. I found 1" webbing that is close in color. I think black for the reinforcement would work. Could you bring a scrap to the fly on the 25th?

I like the idea of tabs for the line attachment instead of the grommets. I don't have any white ripstop, could I use white webbing instead? I could sew it flush with the edge of the keel and extend it into the keel for 2 or 3 inches to spread the pull.


Re: Repairing The Keel On A 12 Foot Delta

Posted: Fri, Jul 24 2009, 09:47 AM
by Mike
I'll bring some black dacron and some white ripstop, though the webbing would work too.