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Kite Making Question

Posted: Wed, Apr 09 2008, 11:03 AM
by lwinfrey
I am a survivor of cancer and have lost a lot of friends and family due to this. We are doing the American cancer societies walk and roll and I wanted to make a kite to fly during this event. The event is on the lake front (Grant Park) in Chicago on May 18th.

My thought is to make a huge violet ribbon. Thinking it to be 10' X 6'.

I have seen some but not exactly what I am looking for. I have never made a kite so any ideas or help is a good thing.

Loren Winfrey

Re: Kite Making Question

Posted: Mon, May 05 2008, 02:37 PM
by Barbara
Great idea, but really hard to execute. I've been thinking of the same thing for some time. The problem is to support the curves and maintain the shape in all winds. If you have a lot of support than it is a flat kite and needs a tail to stabilize. If it is bowed for lift, how do you keep the form? How do you run a vertical spar without it looking stange down the center.
Also, a kite 10' tall by 6' wide is a whole lot of kite. Have you drawn it out on paper to see the actual dimensions? For an 8' tall kite, I use sky shark P400 rods or filament would epoxy K75.
What might be better is to take the top loop of the ribbon, and use just that part on a dragon/snake type kite. It could be anywhere from 12" tall to 5' tall. Most often you see a single long tail. Here the 2 side ribbons would be the tails. You would want to put a small fiberglass rod on the back of the tails to hold them open and keep the shape.
I've put as much as 150' of tail on a 5' tall snake type head.
another choice would be to make a rokkaku or della porta kite with the ribbon as the graphic. The della porta would also need a tail, again you could do 2 wide ones that are held open.
Good luck with your project!

Re: Kite Making Question

Posted: Mon, May 05 2008, 10:31 PM
by lwinfrey
Thanks for the great insight. I think I have settled on a rokkaku and making the graphic the ribbon.

Do you know of any "clear" fabric? thats an idea eh?


Re: Kite Making Question

Posted: Tue, May 06 2008, 08:50 AM
by Barbara
Clear fabric? How about construction grade clear plastic held together with packing tape?
For the graphic you could try using the Krylon spray paint for plastic (not translucent); find some purple plastic bags and (carefully) heat seal those onto the base; lots of purple sharpie or other alcholol based ink (do in well ventilated area); or try using purple ripstop and 3m 77 spray glue to hold it in place.
Whatever you do will look great and add greatly to the day, besides giving you a very unique kite to fly all year round.