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GH Roomate Needed

Posted: Tue, Apr 17 2007, 08:33 AM
by Jillynne
My name is Jillynne and I am new to Kiting.
I was told at the Airwaves Festival in Cincinnati that I should really attend the Grand Haven Festival.
To keep expenses lower, I would like to share a room with another female attendees.
If you would be interested, let me know.

Re: GH Roomate Needed

Posted: Thu, Apr 19 2007, 12:23 AM
by AhMayzon
Hi Jillynne,

Mike told me you were looking for a roommate.
Grand Haven is a great festival, DEFINITELY worth attending.

I'll be coming up from MO; I have a room booked for Friday and Sat nights that has an extra bed. It's in a hotel up on the highway in Grand Haven, short drive to the beach. Let me know if you're interested in sharing the room!


Re: GH Roomate Needed

Posted: Thu, Apr 19 2007, 06:29 AM
by ZippyD
This is Dan. We met at Airwaves and I'm one of many who told you to make the effort to come to GH. I'm really glad you're going to make it! It's a wonderful fest.

This is still Dan. We met at Kite Party 4. I seriously considered stealing your Gem. Can't wait to see you again, although you might want to consider putting a dye pack or some other theft deterrent on that *wonderful* kite.

Be well,

Re: GH Roomate Needed

Posted: Thu, Apr 19 2007, 11:49 AM
by Jillynne
Wow, what a great community kiting is!
Everyone helping each other out and everyone knowing
everyone else. I am so glad I found kiting or kiting found me.

Donna, that would be great! Thank you so much.
You can email or call me directly to discuss details.
I look forward to meeting you and that kite!

(Dan, I'm in.... so if you still want that kite.... :lol: he he he)

:thanks: Mike, thank you so much for the connection. I hadn't gotten any response from Cincy...

A great day to you all.

Re: GH Roomate Needed

Posted: Fri, Apr 20 2007, 12:44 AM
by AhMayzon
Hey Dan,
LOL!!! Should I be charging for viewings on that kite? :twisted: :P
Did ya see the pics Chilese got at KP5 this year? Dave had a white GemUL in the auction, which John bought, and he got pics of the two together. :mrviolet:

Jillynne; I just sent you an email. We should talk soon. Look forward to meeting you!


Re: GH Roomate Needed

Posted: Sat, Apr 28 2007, 12:36 PM
by ZippyD
Sorry for the delay in response...

We'll have to work something out. My only worry is that once you see it, I'll have competition for who leaves with it. ;)

Ohhh lordy. How high did you bid on the UL? I just got mine out last weekend and fell in love all over again.

Be well both of you. Can't wait to see everyone in GH!

Counting the days...

Re: GH Roomate Needed

Posted: Mon, Apr 30 2007, 11:24 PM
by AhMayzon
Hey Dan,

I had to restrain myself not to outbid Chilese for that UL. I did get to fly it though. :wink: