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Postby Babbman » Fri, Nov 03 2006, 06:46 PM

Welcome to the Illinois Kite Enthusiasts Club Website and Discussion Forums!

The Illinois Kite Enthusiasts is an organization of kite fliers, dedicated to promoting the fun and excitement of kite flying of all types. Our members fly a wide range of kites and are knowledgeable on most everything having to do with kiting.

We urge you to join us and become a part of the club and share your experience or draw on the experience of others.

IKE charges no dues or fees. Our experience and knowledge is free to all.

All we ask for in return is that you share your knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with others. We would also appreciate it if you would register on the forum so that we know who you are and where you are from!

Also, don't let our name fool you. We have members from all over the country. While our main focus is in the Midwest (Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, & Iowa), you are just as likely to find a red IKE shirt flying in California as you are in the Midwest.

Thanks for visiting us!

The IKE Team


Listen. You already know what a kite is. You wouldn't be here if not, right?

We don't discount that you might be from someplace with no atmosphere, but that's outside the scope of our mission statement.

But back to the point; you know what a kite is.

But do you know?

These things are magic. They are art. They float on no breeze. They challenge the mind and body. They make people smile. A kite field is a place where you can stand shoulder to shoulder with a stranger and laugh like old friends. Magic I tell you.

We love kites. If you do too, we welcome you.

And if you don't know...don't really know...we want to share what we've learned.

Join us and love the magic.


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