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Order Of Business: Safety

Posted: Sun, Nov 19 2006, 03:36 PM
by denverberry
Since this club is official, I think that if it hasn't already been established there should be nominated a Safety director, and first order: Code Of Conduct, and Flight Rules. What will and will not be accepted as appropriate durring events, etc. This is mearly a suggestion, but I've found it helpfull in other hobbies to actually have guidelines, and not a free-for-all, and usually makes the hobby much more enjoyable, and SAFE.

Personally I will never use a power kite (outside) without at least wristguards (opt) and a helmet (mand) even in a light breeze.

Slap me if I'm out of line... ~D~

Re: Order Of Business: Safety

Posted: Sun, Nov 19 2006, 04:30 PM
by Mike
We haven't had the need for that since we haven't had any power kiters yet, and it's not really needed for the kites we have been flying.
But as we grow, we may tap your brain for suggestions in that regard.
Oh, when we are sanctioned by the AKA we'll have insurance for club flies, but I don't know if that covers power kiters. I know the AKA has been having trouble getting that covered. I'll check into it.
By the way Denver, are you a member of the AKA? IF not, go to the AKA website and click on "join us" to check it out.

Re: Order Of Business: Safety

Posted: Mon, Nov 20 2006, 07:01 PM
by Chris
Traction kiting activities such as, but not limited to, kite surfing, kite buggying, and kite skiing are excluded from coverage.

This comes directly from the AKA webite, under event sanctioning. :(

Re: Order Of Business: Safety

Posted: Mon, Nov 20 2006, 07:03 PM
by Chris
This may be helpful:

[quote]The following requirements MUST be met in order for an event to be awarded AKA sanctioning:

The Chair of the event must be both an AKA member in good standing and an experienced kiteflier.
Sponsorship. An AKA Affiliated Chapter, an AKA member in good standing, or an AKA Member Merchant must sponsor the event.
Safety. The Chair must assure in writing that the following requirements will be satisfied:
The event must satisfy the requirements of Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 101, pertaining to Moored Balloons, kites, Unmanned Rockets, and Unmanned Free Balloons. If the event is within the control zone of any airport or within the expected flight path of any aircraft, the event must be coordinated with and approved by proper authorities to assure that it will not conflict with aircraft operations in any way.
At least two AKA members familiar with safe flying practices must be designated as Safety Coordinators and be on duty at all times during the event. The Safety Coordinators must submit all required reports (See V.A - C)
Safety Coordinators will not fly kites during a tour of duty. However, the Coordinators may be relieved by qualified alternates, allowing the Coordinators time to fly kites.
The appropriate AKA Regional Director must approve the site for the event. To the extent necessary, the site itself will be marked to designate areas for the various activities.
Adequate space must be provided for sport kites and for large kites weighing over five pounds and having more than 200 pounds of pull. These spaces must be cleared of all other kites.
The use of cutting in any AKA Fighter Kite Sanctioned Competition has been addressed in the new Fighter Kite and Rok Rule Book. The AKA should not set aside any area for the use of cutting line other than in a demo situation with only one flier using cutting line in a “Sheep and Wolfâ€

Re: Order Of Business: Safety

Posted: Mon, Nov 20 2006, 07:14 PM
by Mike
So far we wont be sponsoring any festivals so I think were OK for now.
The AKA insurance used to cover all members whenever they flew, but they lost that coverage and now we're only covered at club flies.
They've tried to get coverage for traction kiting, but no one will do it for a reasonable price yet.
Festivals have a whole bunch of other headaches, just ask the Overmans.

Re: Order Of Business: Safety

Posted: Mon, Nov 20 2006, 09:22 PM
by denverberry
I hope I havn't pigeon holed myself... I love getting dragged around, but sport kiting I find to be much more enjoyable, and I don't wake up sore the next day.

Re: Order Of Business: Safety

Posted: Tue, Nov 21 2006, 09:14 AM
by Draftnik
Kite fests have their fair share of headaches, but they are as addictive as the rest of the hobby. :-D The DeKalb festival was a very fulfilling experience, due in large part to the great flyers that turned out for it.

(Hi all! Great idea, this forum!!)


Re: Order Of Business: Safety

Posted: Tue, Nov 21 2006, 10:09 AM
by Mike
Hey Chris! That's what this club needs, another Chris! :-D
In fact, I think everyone else should just change their name to Chris to simplify things. :lol:

But seriously, a big welcome to you! Do you have dates for the 2nd annual festival already?
We will be there as an official club this year!

For those who missed it, Chris put on a great festival this year in a huuuge park with tons of flying room. She had a real good turn out with lots of townfolk and lots of kite fliers show up. A plethora (I got tired of saying "lots") of big SLKs in the air made a beautiful sky.

Next year, we can loan your talented son some 120' lines and he can do some group flying with the quad-fliers in the club.

Anything the club can do to help out, let us know. We want to support you.