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Default Site Template Change

Postby Babbman » Mon, Dec 17 2007, 08:03 PM

:up: Wow, you may notice that things REALLY look different all of a sudden... :up:

Obviously, if you logged in earlier on Monday, you saw the announcement on the board software upgrade. This upgrade is really pretty significent and as part of it, we need to say goodbye (temporarily or for good) some of the things we have all become used to on the board.

The most obvious change, obviously, is the site template. Because people tend to cling to the things they are used to, I felt that this deserved a better explanation that just 'take it and like it'.

The old template (here after called 'STYLE') was called Aphrodite. It was pretty plain and general and the default style of the previous version of the board software we were using (phpbbXS). The new style is called Icy Phoenix (gee, I wonder why...)... anyway... one of the abilities that I have is to force a default style on everyone, if I want... or in this case, because I really thought I needed to in order for everyone to enjoy the upgrade and the features it provides.

Normally, I would NEVER do this, but in this case, I hope you will all take it in stride for at least a little while.

Here's the poop... and something that some of you may not have known. On the left hand side of most pages, you will see a navigation box. One of the headings is style which allows you to choose from several color combinations on the board. As part of the upgrade, a new style was added which is what you should be seeing right now. Personally, I love it but I understand that some people may not and may prefer something more simple or similar to what we had before.

One issue that I anticipated is that a style goes with a version of the board hand in hand. Since Icy Phoenix was a major overhaul to the entire board software, the authors created a style to go hand in hand with it... While the old Aphrodite style does work and has been slightly updated to work properly with Icy Phoenix (the version, not the style... confused?)... it still needs work and does not show some items properly. Thus, you all have the Icy Phoenix style (the style, not the version... confused?)

Anyway, as you can see (I hope), the banner needs a bit of work on the size and maybe the coloring... I would love to give the overall site the IKE look using red's/black's/whites but it is quite a bit of work as there are literally about 100 pieces of graphics to change up... also shading, and other items... They are working on a customization module that would make this MUCH easier to do...

In the mean time, I will be leaving this as the forced default until Aphrodite is all fixed up to handle this new version. At that point, I will unleash the dogs of hell that having multiple styles and colors can be and allow everyone to pick and choose as they see fit... There are some REALLY ugly color combinations to choose

As always, comments, cheers, boos, hisses and colorful insults are not only welcomed, but encouraged... please leave them in the Forum Enhancements Discussion Thread..

Thanks in advance for your patience!!!...

Chris (aka Babbman)

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