Hector, "The Guatemalan KiteFlier".

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Hector Herrera
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Hector, "The Guatemalan KiteFlier".

Postby Hector Herrera » Tue, Nov 07 2006, 10:38 PM

GREETINGS!!! Let me introduce myself to you all...My name is Hector Herrera, I was born in Guatemala, now a citizen of the USA. I am 57 years young, going trough my second marriage. I have three grown up kids from my first marriage, my first and only son Hector Giovanni, 35 still single, Shirley and Mary both married, with kids. I have three grandaughters and a granson. With my actual wife, Alma Cristina 36 years old, I have three daughters, Angelica 16, Michelle 10, and Alexandra 8. As you can see, I have been bussy, and thanks to God who gave all that strenght !!! I am or consider myself a maintenance line mechanic, and had worked for several companies in the past,...un-fortunatly I am un-employed in the present time, but I hope that soon I will land a good job. My Wife and my 3 daughters came to the USA only two and a half years ago, the kids are doing real well at school, they speak english very well now, and I am glad for them, my wife is a house wife, but due to our situation she is also looking for work. (one of us has got to have something)
When they came to the USA, I had bought 3 brand new bikes for the kids, and we went to a park to let them ride their bikes, but I didn't have anything to do,...so we decide to go and buy a kite (I was thinking about one line kite) but Dave, from Kite Connection sold me my first dual.??? It was an unforgettable experience, just like the ones you've heard about the rookies flying dual, (some very unusual landings) I even broke the spine on that poor thing :oops: But I was determined to show my family that HECTOR could do anything, including flying that thing. True enough, soon I was all smiles, and decided to go back to Kite Connection, and bought GEMINI, .. After that I started making my own kites, and that,... gave me more satisfaccions than anything else. Okay that's all folks, thanks for watching. Hope to see you sometime. God bless you.
Ahhh...other interests, I play guitar whenever I can, (last sunday, I gave my guitar away to a member of the church we go to) and, If there is an opportunity to play CHESS, I am all for it.
My kite bag now has several flat kites, Benson's DEEP SPACE and GEMINI, I also have PRO DANCER.
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