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Posted: Tue, Feb 06 2007, 04:26 PM
by terry229uk
Hi Im terry229uk I live about 5 miles from Ian Rev Addict, we both fly at the same venues.
My kites are Indian and Malay tissue Fighters( there easy to come by over here), other single line,2,3 & 4 line.
I also make kites fron plans, roks, deltas, fighters, stunt, and just made 2 rev look a likes 60in & 90in.
Have not got the hang of reverse and slide yet but have plenty of frends who can help.

anyway its good to find a site thats interesting.

Keep the wind on your back.

terry :thanks:

Re: Introductions

Posted: Tue, Feb 06 2007, 04:39 PM
by Babbman

welcome to IKE... we are happy to have you!

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Posted: Tue, Feb 06 2007, 07:38 PM
by Chris

Welcome to IKE! It's good to meet more folks with an interest in making kites! As you can see we keep pretty busy here, during the cold winter months. :wink:

Feel free to post and ask questions, we like to keep things moving around here! :up:

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Posted: Tue, Feb 06 2007, 08:20 PM
by Mike
It's great to have you here Terry!

What spars did you use to frame your revs?
How does the 60" fly--pretty squirrelly?

I was in London recently and noticed that the kite store there was closed. Do y'all have many kite stores in the UK? Do many stores carry Revs?

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Posted: Tue, Feb 06 2007, 09:14 PM
by Frodos Majik
Welcome Aboard Terry.

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Posted: Wed, Feb 07 2007, 12:41 AM
by Ian Rev Addict
Hi Terry,

Did you find this forum via the same link as I did? :-D

Just a little more info about Terry for the other guys and gals here, both Terry and I are members of MKF and HEKF.
Terry is one of my best friends along with his wife, both of which were voted "MKF Kite Flier of The Year" at our AGM the other year, for the amount of work he and his wife do for both the club in general and the help and advice he gives to others regarding kite making and flying.
Terry makes most of his own kites but his favourite is the fighter.
I have flown his 60in Rev lookalike which flies really well in high winds but as you say it's a little squirrelly.

London is quite a long way from where we live in UK terms, we have about four or five kites shops in the Midlands who also participate in festivals, most have on-line web shops. But with the Pound so strong against the Dollar at the moment I often buy from US kite shops, especially for Revs I often use Gone With The Wind based in Chico, CA with whom I am a regular. :up:
See you Sunday at Boldmere Terry :up:

:revspin: Blue Skies.......Clean Winds :revspin:
Ian 8)
Midlands Kite Fliers
Heart of England Kite Fliers

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Posted: Wed, Feb 07 2007, 10:35 AM
by Mike
You're sure right the pound is strong against the dollar. Prices were very high in dollar terms when I was there.

Can I suggest you give our club sponsor a try the next time you need a kite?
Just click on the Chicago Kite icon at the top of this page.

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Posted: Wed, Feb 07 2007, 02:05 PM
by terry229uk
Hi mike
I was using 8mm leading edge and 6 mm for uprights, it was a bit fast for my first time flying four line. :|
I'v took out the 8mm to use on the 90in replacing it with an 8mm center and 6mm either side ( --=-- )
I keep runing out of carbon !

I have kite and parts retailers within a mile of home.

within 10 miles freespiritkites Link

and about 40 miles highwaymen Link

plus others around the country.

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Posted: Wed, Feb 07 2007, 06:46 PM
by Mike
That's nice having stores nearby. My nearest store is 150 miles away!

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Posted: Wed, Feb 07 2007, 08:33 PM
by Ian Rev Addict
Ah yes Mike, but 150 miles in the States is just around the corner for you, here 150 miles on our roads is like going to the moon and back, your roads are a whole lot better than ours especially your Interstates.
The bunch of clowns we've got running the country right now are so anti-car you wouldn't believe it, we get taxed left right and centre especially on Gas (petrol to us) I think at current exchange rates and converting litres to US gallons it works out at $6.44 per gallon here.
Out of the three stores Terry told you about only one is a real store the other two are on-line and festival sales only.

Ian :revspin:

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Posted: Thu, Feb 08 2007, 08:13 AM
by Draftnik
Hello and welcome!

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Posted: Thu, Feb 08 2007, 08:33 AM
by Mike
150 miles is still 5 hours round trip by car. And that's assuming I don't hit traffic in Chicago.
Our gas/petrol is a lot cheaper though which means that it would only cost me around $25 or $30 in gas.
Driving is the only option for me, where you folks have a nice fast train service and good public transportation. Your trains get you there much faster than our cars. And if you travel off-peak times, the prices on the train are pretty reasonable. So there are trade-offs. I wish we had more trains like you do.
Personally, most of the time I'd rather take a train and be able to do something other than stare at the road.

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Posted: Thu, Feb 08 2007, 08:44 AM
by Babbman
I spend approximately 10+ hours a week on the road just going to and from work... my work is 16 miles from my house. When traffic is running without delays, it takes about 1/2 hour to/from there... BUT, because there is SO much traffic with everyone moving out west and south of me, it takes about 1 hour on the way in (on a good day... 1.5+ on a bad day)... bad days far outnumber the good days....

As a reference, when I have to travel to work in Ottawa, some 50 miles from my house, it takes an hour to get there...

When I went to Devry on the north side of Chicago back in the 80's, I rode the train every day and took the CTA everywhere... I LOVED it If I could take a train to work everyday, I would have no complaints... but, that's not possible with the type of work I do and the service calls I need to make. Plus, trying to get a parking spot at the train stations these days is virtually impossible with a waiting list of up to 7 months for a permanent spot.