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New to Iowa

Posted: Mon, Jun 19 2017, 03:26 PM
by Jeffkuney
Hello all. I am new to the Des Moines area. I come from the Seattle area and have been flying quad kites for about a year and a half. I'm looking to connect with other fliers and or find good areas (parks, fields) to fly my quad kites. I've been playing around with the short lines and I do not know my way around very well yet so finding spots to stretch out longer lines is difficult. Any help would be wonderful.

Thanks and hope to meet lots of new people soon.

Jeff Kuney

Re: New to Iowa

Posted: Mon, Jun 19 2017, 07:29 PM
by Mike
Hi Jeff,
welcome to the club. Glad you made it here from my email.
Most of our fliers are in the Chicago area and down in central Illinois (Pontiac, IL has a regular club fly with a bunch of quad fliers).

But does anyone here know people in Iowa for Jeff?

We will also have a '"kite retreat", where we spend a weekend at the Indiana Dunes beach flying kites--mostly Revs.
This year it'll be Sept 23-24. That might be worth your while, even coming from Des Moines.

Re: New to Iowa

Posted: Mon, Jun 19 2017, 11:00 PM
by makatakam
Hi, Jeff, and welcome to the IKE forum. I don't know of anyone in your immediate area who flies quads, or kites of any kind. I checked the member map on the KiteLife forum, and there is no one in Iowa. One thing that does work is to find a large open grassy area, like a forest preserve, state park or sports complex, and fly there as often as possible. Let anyone who shows interest give your kite a try and do your best to help them fly it. Before you know it, you'll probably have two or three others hooked on it. It works; I've done it. I don't know of any kite clubs in Iowa, but a bit of research may pay off.

Come to the IKE retreat. We have fliers who come from Colorado, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and maybe even Kentucky and Tennessee this year. Two days of fun on the shore of Lake Michigan flying all sorts of kites. Join us if you can.

Good luck. I hope to share a field with you someday.

Hey, Mike -- do you remember anyone from the Quad cities area?

Re: New to Iowa

Posted: Tue, Jun 20 2017, 12:01 AM
by Jeffkuney
Thanks guys. In Washington I regularly help people get started with quad kites. The park I flew at mostly had people walking through constantly. I'm looking for a similar place in this area. I've been flying short line around town and there is piles of interest but I'm not about to let someone fly with 30' lines on their first attempt. I've scoped out a few areas around where I'm living but I have to believe there are more populated spots I can fly at that have fairly consistent wind.

I'll defiantly come out and fly with you guys if I get the chance. Will be nice to tangle up my lines with some other quad fliers.

Thanks again,


Re: New to Iowa

Posted: Tue, Jun 20 2017, 07:43 AM
by edmond
hello Jeff, i will pass trout Des Moines on 30 June during the night on the longest driving leg on the way to San Francisco and on the way back on 13 or 14 Julie. if you are available on any of that days i will adjust mi driving schedule to meet you for a fly session. will be probably one of the best way to relax before to be back in Chicago

Re: New to Iowa

Posted: Wed, Jun 21 2017, 08:41 AM
by goestoeleven
Hey Jeff, glad you posted up here and welcome to IKE. I don't know about where to fly in Des Moines, but there are a couple other things to mention (in addition to the retreat, which is awesome every year). There are some kite festivals within driving distance for you. Two that come to mind immediately are the Color the Wind Kite Festival, held in February on the frozen ice of Clear Lake, IA. Unfortunately, this year's event was cancelled due to no ice, but maybe next year. The other one is the Hoover Museum & Library Kite Festival, held in April in West Branch, Iowa. Both of these are on the IKE event calendar, here on the forum or on Google calendars. The calendar is also available through the "Quick Links" menu option (above on the left).

Feel free to like us on Facebook. Sometimes events get posted there too.

Again, welcome to the club!

Re: New to Iowa

Posted: Wed, Jun 21 2017, 08:48 AM
by goestoeleven
One more note - if you are into kite making, UMake is held every year the first weekend in March, and it's only about a three hour drive from Des Moines. I've gone the last three years, and will be going again next year.