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Posted: Tue, Nov 21 2006, 10:34 AM
by Draftnik

I'm delighted to see a club and this forum!!

I'm Chris, Christian, Wife, Mom x3, freelance draftswoman (8th year), 4th year kite enthusiast, 2nd year kite builder, 1st year kite fest organizer. Also, have done workshops with the kids classes in school and for a friend who runs an art school.

Kids were my ticket to toyland and kites were one of our first toy purchases for our first born 10 years ago. Flying those kites with him in the stroller are my first and almost fondest kite memory. It's taken me a few years to figure out that I don't need my kids to gain access to kites. :-) We flew those kites for about 6 years before one broke and I got online to research the repair for it. Couldn't let go of that kite and the memories attached to it. Online I learned there was a kitefest in our area and we decided to attend. Bourbonais was spectacular and we all were totally hooked. We've attended kite festivals in the midwest every chance we get since.

With a successful repair made to our first kite, under our belt, kite making seemed like a fun family project to try. We each made a classic diamond kite from cotton cloth and wood spars. Wow whatta thrill to build a kite and see it fly that first time. Then, to watch our kids experniece that favorite kite even greater thrill. Life just doesn't get any better!

Outside of family memories which can't be topped, watching 1,000+ friends, neighbors and community members enjoy their first kite festival here in town ranks pretty high on my list of favorites. The DeKalb festival was a huge hit! That adventure was highly motivated also by my kids. They'd asked in every town we visited in our kite travels, "Why don't we have a kite fest in our town?" We finally said, "Well, why not." and began the long proccess of getting it off the ground. In spite of the ups and downs of planning it, we're looking foward to next year. :wink:

That's the rather large nutshell of my interest in the hobby. My kids are often my inspiration, and that's as it should be. I'm thankful that my family has a common interest in kiting to express ourselves in. That others benefit from that expression is an added bonus and evidence of a great blessing.


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Posted: Tue, Nov 21 2006, 10:41 AM
by Mike
I already posted this elsewhere in the forum, but this is a better place...

Hey Chris! That's what this club needs, another Chris!
In fact, I think everyone else should just change their name to Chris to simplify things.

But seriously, a big welcome to you! Do you have dates for the 2nd annual festival already?
We will be there as an official club this year!

For those who missed it, Chris put on a great festival this year in a huuuge park with tons of flying room. She had a real good turn out with lots of townfolk and lots of kite fliers show up. A plethora (I got tired of saying "lots") of big SLKs in the air made a beautiful sky.

Next year, we can loan your talented son some 120' lines and he can do some group flying with the quad-fliers in the club.

Anything the club can do to help out, let us know. We want to support you.

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Posted: Tue, Nov 21 2006, 01:16 PM
by Draftnik
Thanks for the welcome!

The short of it is, no date yet for the next DeKalb Festival. The long of it is, it's a college campus and our dates are contigent on the football schedule, which is in turn is contigent on TV schedules. We're shooting for the closest availible date to last years Sept 17th date. You guys were a hit and we're looking foward to seeing you in DeKalb next year!

Our talented son will be in a scramble to get online here once he finds out the "Quad Guys" are here. :wink:

Appreciate the offer of help and the support, and back at ya with it. If there's anything we can do for the club, just holler.


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Posted: Tue, Nov 21 2006, 05:04 PM
by Babbman
Yeaaaa... another Chris! I'm a Chris also but to avoid confusion, I made everyone call me Babbman, a name given to be by my APA Pool Team... Let's just say it was better than other names Ive been called... :shock:

WELCOME to the club, we are happy to have you.

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Posted: Tue, Nov 21 2006, 11:38 PM
by Frodos Majik
Welcome Chris, Looking forward to the fest out there again next yr. :bash: :up: :bash: This yrs was a BLAST!!!!!


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Posted: Fri, Nov 24 2006, 09:00 PM
by Chris
Hi Chris it's Chris :-D Were you at the Sycamore fly with Jim and Nathan this past April? I seem to remember you were? I was there talking to a few single line guys on the far end by the flower shop. As a matter of fact, that fly was where my journey to the darkside began :twisted:

Any how, ken and I were talking today about getting IKE out there, considering that is the first event of the new season. Do you know who to talk to about Kites Over Sycamore? I seem to remember the one guy's family, or wife's family owns the flower shop in town there. If so thanks, if not thanks :thanks:


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Posted: Sat, Nov 25 2006, 08:52 AM
by Draftnik
KarFree Flowers is the sponsor/organizer of the kite fest in Sycamore. Yes we were there last spring! I'll get the number for you next week. Kent and Chris Wren are the couple that put that on. Let me know if you need help finding a number for them.

Heaven help us on the lack of diversity in names! :mrviolet: