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IKE People

Postby BANSHEE » Sun, Apr 29 2007, 12:03 PM

Mike, you as an administrator of this great forum are now in charge of setting the time and place for a Grinnell IKE group launch or a group shot. Check with CJQ as I believe he's planning the KiteBuilder launch.

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Re: IKE People

Postby Mike » Sun, Apr 29 2007, 06:18 PM

I haven't read the post over at kitebuilder, do you have a link?

There wont be a lot of Grinnell IKE members at Grinnell because there's two other Illinois festivals the same day.
As far as I know, there will be 4 of us: You, Chris, Me and Rose (she spends very little time on the forum).

We should do one of these at the Naperville festival, June 2 & 3.

Everyone should come to Naperville. Why?

-It's a new festival, so we want to support them.
-Corrine who is the parks dept person setting it up is terrific. We've worked with her before when she worked for a different town.
-A lot of IKE members live near or in Naperville.
-It's two days, which makes it more worthwhile for folks who have to drive a long ways. (it's 3 hours for me)
-Naperville is a nice town, and not far from a fancy outlet mall, so you can even bring family members who prefer shopping to kite flying.
-It's low-key. No required demos or performances, just kinda like a big-ol' fun fly.

Everyone will need a red IKE shirt for the photo! I still have some. Especially if you are a person of the medium or a small shirt variety. :-)

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