Kites over Lake Storey

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Re: Kites Over Lake Storey

Postby Knoted4ever » Mon, May 07 2007, 07:23 PM

That Jellyfish kite that Draftnik received from Al was truly incredible! It sure looked just like a jellyfish with its clear plastic sections which made the sections with color really stand out! It was fun to fly and even the kids had a lot of fun with it! It really reminded me of the jellyfish that the Shedd Aquarium has on exhibit (illuminated under black-light with their phosphorescent hues)! It would be cool to have a number of them (of different sizes like in the Shedd's tank) together, pulsating at different times! :mrblue:

Wow, now Ken has a Scuba Diver to go with the fish! Those multiudes of fish that he has sure look impressive... and it is looking more and more like the Shedd Aquarium... where the scuba diver periodically dives in the big circular tank! We may have to charge people admission due to all the awesome stuff on display! But we will not charge for admission and, in reality, we'll never get like the Shedd Aquarium (where they charge so much for each exhibit floor that, by the time you're done, you feel like jumping in with the piranhas)!
Tom P.
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Re: Kites over Lake Storey

Postby Babbman » Mon, May 07 2007, 07:33 PM

I laugh... we were just at the Shedd Aquarium this weekend... it was the 1st time ever for Elie and I.

Chris (aka Babbman)

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Re: Kites over Lake Storey

Postby Mike » Tue, May 08 2007, 08:58 AM

Do we have any photos of this Jellyfish I hear so much about?
Sounds like y'all had a blast!

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Re: Kites Over Lake Storey

Postby Draftnik » Tue, May 08 2007, 12:35 PM

Mike wrote:Do we have any photos of this Jellyfish I hear so much about?
Sounds like y'all had a blast!


It looks like a flower, moves like a jellyfish.

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Re: Kites Over Lake Storey

Postby Drachenschwanz » Tue, May 08 2007, 06:38 PM

Here are a few more pix of the fabled Jellyfish in all her(?) glory:

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