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Kid-Friendly Pattern

Posted: Mon, Apr 20 2015, 02:25 PM
by prairierose
Hey guys,
What's a good pattern I should use to make kites with my 3rd graders? It should be easy and cheap, and something they can decorate. I should have been paying more attention at all those kites festivals we go to... :oops: :-D

Re: Kid-Friendly Pattern

Posted: Mon, Apr 20 2015, 03:37 PM
by KiteVoice
HKS uses a sled kite. Our members (mostly Terri and Richard Claycomb) cut the sails in advance out of the same material from which trash bags are made, but I've also seen them in Tyvek and grocery bags, so I assume something like white newsprint would also work. The other parts are two wooden dowel rods, tape and string.

Google "sled kite" and you'll probably find some plans.

It's fairly easy to make in a festival kite-making workshop environment and it flies well.

Hope this helps.

Re: Kid-Friendly Pattern

Posted: Mon, Apr 20 2015, 06:38 PM
by Mike
When I used to entertain kids in the local park, I carried typing paper, bamboo skewers, and plastic surveyors ribbon. They colored the paper with markers or crayons, and used scotch tape to attach the spar. It's the same one I demo'd on the morning news program. They don't last long, but fly just fine if the wind isn't strong. Very cheap and they work.

Or if you want a plastic one with printed lines and instructions on it, so they know where to cut and how to build it, talk to Big Mike: he swiped one from the festival we were at last weekend.

Re: Kid-Friendly Pattern

Posted: Mon, Apr 20 2015, 07:00 PM
by prairierose
Yeah, I remembered that one, Dad. Can you send me instructions?