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Looking For Kite Videos

Posted: Sat, Oct 27 2007, 11:00 PM
by nancyemr
Hello, this is brand new to me. I saw someone flying a kite with grace and control indoors with no breeze at the Aurora Park District juggling show tonight (Saturday). I would love to "show" this to someone, so I'm wondering, is there a video someone could give me a link to? I guess it was maybe a "quad" because there were 4 strings??? That's as much as I "know"... it's all guessing... is there any page you could send me to to learn the basics here, as in, what kind of kites, where you get them, how you learn??? Thanks... Nancy

Re: Looking For Kite Videos

Posted: Sun, Oct 28 2007, 12:19 AM
by Jeff
I've got several videos online that I've shot.

Here's an indoor routine from this past May at a festival in Grand Haven, MI.


If you go directly to the page, you will see links to other videos, from me and from other people.

It is indeed a quad kite if it has four lines. Most quad line kites are Revolutions. There are a few different varieties, indoor ones being a little different than the ones we fly outdoors.