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Chilese's photos of IKE quads from Kite Party

Posted: Wed, Feb 28 2007, 08:23 AM
by Mike
I was the pilot for these photos. John would keep yelling, "lower", "to the right", "higher", "upsided down", "right side up".... pretty funny actually
(click on a photo to go the webpage)

OK, the first one isn't a member, but Ben should be. Besides it's a cool kite. The colors are a little off here, it's more a turquoise color.

Hector's kites:


(Hector didn't even know we took this shot )

Jim and Lynn's Kites:


What a Rev looks like if you're a bird, or watching from the pier.

And finally, I like the twisted lines in this shot.
I'm the second kite, and Jim and Lynn are flying the Stars & Stripes

Re: Chilese's Photos Of IKE Quads From Kite Party

Posted: Wed, Feb 28 2007, 09:05 AM
by Draftnik
Wow! Mike! All you have to say about that is it's mine?! Tell me more, that's beautiful!

Re: Chilese's photos of IKE quads from Kite Party

Posted: Wed, Feb 28 2007, 09:23 AM
by Mike
Thanks Chris.
It's loosely based on Frank Lloyd Wright's designs. A little Art Deco-ish too I guess.
I made it a year ago, thinking I might make a stack or a set of team kites, varying the color of the two red diamonds or something.
I was also playing around with tape and glue and different ways of holding the kite together so most of the squares were sewn differently.

To keep the weight down, I just cut holes instead of putting in screen. It doesn't fly as well in reverse as a real Rev, though it is zippy flying forward even in light winds. When this photo was taken the winds were very light, but I was still able to play with the folks on the pier.
I think I might try venting it differently next time.

If I remember right, the white is 1/2 oz nylon, the rest is 3/4 oz nylon.

Most Rev fliers seem to like the more in-your-face graphics like the custom eyes, or they like the patriotic themes. The feedback has been pretty lukewarm on the visuals of this kite, even though I'm fond of it. Thanks again.