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Need Rod For M80

Posted: Sat, Feb 24 2007, 10:26 AM
by NewbFlyer
Last year I recieved a New Tech M80 kite and got into flying kits and such. Anyway, I really don't know too much of what I'm doing, and being 15 I think I know everything :wink: and I had a hard crash and one of the support rods for the kite broke. My question is, where can I get a replacement rod?

Re: Need Rod For M80

Posted: Sat, Feb 24 2007, 10:42 AM
by Babbman
Give Dave over at Chicago Kite a call... he has replacement rods for many different kites..


Re: Need Rod For M80

Posted: Sat, Feb 24 2007, 10:30 PM
by Hector Herrera
Hello From California Shane!
Welcome to the IKE Club, I normally don't welcome anybody, since I am so far away from your area, but this time I am making the exception. I was kind of laughing by myself, since the same thing happened to me when I bought my first kite 2 and 1/2 years ago, "I broke the spine of the kite" after so many crashes, dissapointments, and some frustrations, I have to admit.
But I found this THING, very challenging, in which I could deal with the wind direccion, wind strengh and my own ability to control the kite. This SPORT is trully awesome.
I am 57 years old, who started 2 1/2 years ago, as you can see, you allready have the advantage over me, altough I may have a little more experience than you, (right now) soon you will be learning, inproving, getting better at the kite fly control, and in no time, you will be one of the best kite fliers of the USA. Just keep practicing, kite fliers from everywhere will tell you the same thing. to get good at something...Practice, practice, practice.
And like Babbman says, don't hesitate to ask questions, someone will provide you with the proper respond. Good luck with your Kite.

Re: Need Rod For M80

Posted: Sun, Feb 25 2007, 06:18 AM
by Chris
Welcome to IKE Shane!! :up: Call Dave, he is a great guy to deal with. Remember, you are more than welcome to join us at club flys and festivals this year. Bring anyone and everyone you would like! They don't even need a kite, or want to participate(though it wouldn't hurt :wink: )

I myself have only been into kites since last April. I started with a dually, but was quickly turned to the "Darkside" and now LOVE flying my Revolution 1.5's :mrgreen:

Like Babbman said, don't be afraid to ask questions, we are all still learning from each other! :revspin: :revspin:

Re: Need Rod For M80

Posted: Sun, Feb 25 2007, 11:22 AM
by Draftnik
Hi Shane,

Welcome! My sons got an M-Quad with a busted something or other, so he can sympathize. It's easily fixed and learning to repair a kite is a good skill to learn.

If you get the replacement piece and need further help getting it fixed let us know.

Re: Need Rod For M80

Posted: Sun, Feb 25 2007, 12:51 PM
by NewbFlyer
Thanks for your help guys, luckily I broke one of the rods that you are supposed to install and take down every time you set the kite up, so it's not something that sewn into something or other.

Hopefully I'll be able to get to some of the flys/festivals. I've over-booked myself with all kinds of things. I've got TONS of trapshooting and such, heading out to the Olympic training camp and nationals and such, a bunch of guitar gigs at some blues clubs in Chicago, Lacrosse, oh yeah...and a girlfriend to deal with :roll: Anyways, thanks a lot guys :thanks:

Re: Need Rod For M80

Posted: Sun, Feb 25 2007, 02:22 PM
by Chris
Hey, Shane, you might be interested in one of our other members non-kite hobbies :wink:

Re: Need Rod For M80

Posted: Mon, Feb 26 2007, 08:19 PM
by awindofchange
Hi Shane, Welcome to the forum.

Dual line sport kite frames can be pretty fragile at times *usually when they are being used as lawn darts* so don't worry about the break and in most all cases you can get direct replacement parts from your local shop. Knowing the correct terminology helps so I will try to list some of the basics so you can better talk with your local shop and get the replacement part.

On both sides of the kite from the nose down to the wing tips, is called the "Leading Edge"
On most kites the "Leading Edge" has two rods that are put together to form one. An "Upper Leading Edge" and "Lower Leading Edge" Lower leading edges are the most common casualties because of tip stabs and other hard contacting tricks with the ground. Lucky enough the manufacturers know these take the most beating and make them easiest to replace. Usually all you need to do is glue on a stopper for the APA fitting and glue in the end nock. The APA fitting is the rubber piece that holds the cross bars to the leading edge. The end nock is the piece on the very end of the wing tip that holds the line to tension the kite sail. Upper leading edges are usually a little more difficult to replace because they also have a ferule or insert that needs to be glued in place for the lower leading edge to connect onto.

Ok, the rods that run horizontally across the kite are called "Spreaders". Most kites will have two "Lower Spreaders" and one "Upper Spreader". Lower spreaders will have rubber connectors on them that will hold on the "Wing Standoff". Most kites will have one standoff, others may have two or even three standoffs. The standoff is the small rod that runs from the bottom of the kite sail to the middle of the lower spreader bar. The center piece that holds the two lower spreaders together is called a "Center T".

The rod that runs vertical in the very center of the kite is called the "Spine". The spine is what the Center T connects to.

While we're at it, the lines on the kite that are on each side of the sail and that your flying lines connect to is called the "Bridle".

So, now that you know the proper terminology you can easily call your local kite store and say "Hey, I have an M80 and I broke the __________ (Lower leading edge, lower spreader, spine, etc...) and need a replacement".

Most all kite stores can order in a direct replacement or they will have rods in stock that they can custom cut/build to fit into your kite. Most of the time you will be back flying within 20 minutes or so and under $15.00 depending on the rod and pieces.

I hope this information helps you and anyone else out there looking for parts for their kite.

Re: Need Rod For M80

Posted: Mon, Feb 26 2007, 09:17 PM
by NewbFlyer
Thanks a lot awindofchange, that helped me out a lot. (I broke a lower leading edge, it has 3 standoffs on each side)