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Re: Perfect Rev Spar

Postby Mike » Tue, Nov 17 2009, 09:59 PM

Given the same size sail, I think less weight is better for less wind.
The first time I tried flying indoors was with Penny Lingenfelter's standard 1.5 sail rev. I could fly 360's, but that was about all, and it was hard.
Then next time I tried was with someone's indoor Rev. What a difference! It was much, much easier and I could much more with the kite.
The indoor rev is lighter and has a larger sail area--both help.

The stiffness of the spar affects the shape of the sail, so I see can spar stiffness making a big difference.
The weight of the spar and it's momentum is a funny thing. The SLE has too much momentum they say because it's too heavy. I've always maintained that it was too stiff. I would think that a really good flier would like a stiffer spar (like Zach Gordon, current national champ). With a stiff spar, every thing you do with the handles is translated to the spar and the kite. With a flexible spar, some of that control is given up to flexing the spar. It's kinda like having a vented kite. Both absorb some of the gusts and unevenness of the flier.
So perhaps there is a happy medium, and the 3 wrap and 4 wraps are all the good fliers need? I think Nick flies 3 wraps pretty much full time now.

What John quoted about weight makes sense to me:
"not turn as fast (because of its greater moment of inertia). "
Basically, if a heavy object is going in a straight path, it's harder to move it off that path (i.e. turn). It's also harder to stop.

Maybe beginners should start with 2 wraps (not SLEs as a few fliers recommend) and then move to stiffer spars with more experience?

Of course, this is all just fun to talk about for some of us. It really is skill that makes the most difference.

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