More Of Lynn's Detail

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More Of Lynn's Detail

Postby Jim Foster » Thu, Feb 22 2007, 11:35 AM


You wanted more detail, here is some. This is the new Rev we modified last week. We used the original Rev corner brace.
I asked Lynn a couple of questions:
She always holds the ends of both threads tight to the right or left of the needle, depending on where the material is placed, unless they are completely covered by fabric. In that case, she does her best to trap the ends, holding them between the fabric and the bed of the machine while doing the beginning tac stitch.
She always starts and ends with a tac stitch.
She most always sets the machine to stop in the needle down position.

This was a "quick and dirty" modification to get a matched pair for Kite Party. This kite will never be entered in kite making competition.

Hope this helps someone.

Jim :revspin:
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