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Royal 69 sled

Posted: Fri, Jan 19 2007, 12:30 AM
by Frodos Majik
Well as of tonight all I have left to do is sew the 3 parts together,attach the cone and bridle it.

If you want to see the picture of progress, please go to my album. For the pictures wont load up here as thumbnails and there are to many to flood the posting in full size. :wallb: :cry:

The only advice I could past on is in the hemming of the corners, which is to cut on an angle, then fold over. With cutting on an angle, some of the over lapping will be tucked under the previous piece. The picture will show what I am talking about. :up:

The plans called for use of .050/.060 glass rods, instead I used the weed wacker line. Which should hold form just fine, and is cheaper. :up: Otherwise it is just straight forward of sewing.

Hopefully I can get out this weekend, get some picture of it up in the sky, Then watch the BEARS whip New Orleans :zip: :zip:!!! :twisted: Going to be a brutal game. :doc: