Circoflex Recommendation

Questions and conversations related to sewing up a magnificent kite creation.
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Circoflex Recommendation

Postby Babbman » Sat, Dec 16 2006, 06:56 PM

This is the plan I was intending on building from:

What do you think or is there another plan that is better or that anyone who has built one wishes they had used instead?

Any other tips and hints or caveats that I should be aware of?

And finally, on spars, fiberglass or carbon fiber? Hollow or solid? Will I be able to fold the completed kite up or will I have to pull the spars out?


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Re: Circoflex Recommendation

Postby Mike » Sat, Dec 16 2006, 07:20 PM

That's the plan that I used and it works well. I used a different plan for my mini rainbow circoflex but it doesn't fly as well.
Use solid spars, they are more flexible.
Fiberglass spars can stay in the kite and you kind of figure-8 the kite to fold it up--that's good
The fiberglass spars also fold up in flight when the wind picks up--that's not so good.

You would have to pull a spar out if you wanted to make it a linear bundle.

I didn't do carbon spars, because they cost a lot more. However you would have a much larger wind range, and I've thought about retro-fitting mine.
I don't think you could fold up a carbon spar kite.

When I bought my fiberglass spars, Kathy Goodwinds had the best price.

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