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Posted: Thu, Apr 29 2010, 04:28 PM
by Jeepster
Last year at the Kite Party 7 auction, Nick bought a Rev full vent kite that Big Bri had modified to almost double the amount of venting. I had a chance to fly that kite last year at the Decatur festival when the winds were very high. It was a pleasure to fly since the pull was greatly reduced over that of a full vent kite. I traded e-mails with the gentleman in England who did the modification for Brian and he shared a few of the parameters that he tries to balance when increasing the venting. This winter I worked on coming up with a design, bought several yards of nylon in my favorite colors (lime and black) and started sewing. This is the result:


<<< Lynn Foster took this picture at Kite Party 8 ... Nick's kite is on the bottom and mind is on top.

Today I had a chance to fly it some more. It's really sweet in the 15 to 25 mph wind range. With gusts above 30 mph it starts to jerk me around. I used a single 4 wrap leading edge and never felt concerned over the amount of flex. The weather station said the winds were 26 mph with gusts to 36 mph ... I measured one gust at 40 mph.

I also tried out my Rev II kite. It pulls a little lighter when the winds are low, but about the same when the winds are high. The Rev II was a lot faster and more difficult to control than the mega-vent.


Re: Mega-Vent

Posted: Thu, Apr 29 2010, 05:37 PM
by Jim Foster
Looks very nice. Bet if flies nice too.

Re: Mega-Vent

Posted: Thu, Apr 29 2010, 07:56 PM
by Mike
Yup, that kite is very nice.