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Postby Hector Herrera » Sat, Jun 09 2007, 10:19 PM

Hi everyone,! I am sorry to say the following, :oops: but after a looong time without practicing the so called "dog staking" today, I went for a little practice, and I found out, that my 4 ring design, was defective... :oops: and the reazon for this is that the rings are separated 22 centimeters from each other, top and bottom respectively, and when I was flying the kite, I had to extend my arm EXCESIVELY, to keep control of the kite, then, after I got home and tought about it, I found that those 22 centimeters were afecting the kite fly, making either left or right 22 cm shorter, and that's why I was compensating with my arm extended.
The solution for this problem, is, to have all four rings "in line" one on top of another, that way, the lines will allway keep the same lenght. :roll:
I am stating this today, because I tought it was my obligation to correct the original version of the four ring stake, and if any one made one similar to the one I posted, please excuse me, but it has to be modified. Sincerely:
Hector Herrera

Note: I have solved the problem with the lines binding, this time it's a winner, But I am going to keep it for me for a while until I am 100% sure that it's gonna work fine.
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