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Kite Sleeve Labels

Posted: Sun, Jun 12 2011, 01:08 AM
by goestoeleven
Now . . . for my geeky thing of the day . . .

I got a bit tired of rooting through similar colored kite sleeves trying to work out which one was the vented vs. the SUL, etc. At first, I thought I'd just label the sleeves by writing on them, but then I decided to make some labels. I went a bit overboard . . . I decided that I not only needed labels, but they should be pictures (to save having to read each one), and they should be waterproof for the days (like last weeked) when it starts to rain before you can pack your kites away. Basically, like a luggage tag. Turns out this geeky "luggage tag" approach was remarkably easy (and cheap) to execute. I took pictures of the kites against a white wall, cropped them in picasa, selected the images, and then used Create>Collage - (as a grid) feature to create a sheet with eight kites. By adjusting the grid spacing, I got borders between each image. Next, off to Fedex office to use their color laser printer (no fading in the sun, I hope) and laminator to make eight "sleeve tags" at a time from one 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of laminate. The end result:


. . . . edited . . . not sure what happened to the photo. I will wait a bit to see if it shows up (right now it says "no thumbnail")

Since I can't seem to get the photo to work, here's a link to the same post over on revkites forum . . . Link

Re: Kite Sleeve Labels

Posted: Sun, Jun 12 2011, 06:11 PM
by Darkspark
Thats really sweet. Well done. I got lazy and just used a sharpie. Mike said the photo server is not working for some reason. He is looking into getting it fixed.

Re: Kite Sleeve Labels

Posted: Mon, Jun 13 2011, 12:30 PM
by Jim Foster
This subject just came up on the GWTW forum.

Lynn makes a business size tag and sews it between plastic, then sews it to the bag near the opening. We used to put a hole in it and put it on the draw string, but when the kites are together, the tags got tangled around each other, which was a pain.

When we sew our own kites, Lynn makes bags which match the kites.