Making Line Sets

It's not just string any more. Talk about lines and line sets and anything else associated with them.
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Making Line Sets

Postby linekahuna » Mon, Dec 29 2008, 06:01 PM

Well, you asked for it, so here it is.

I use Ashaway dacron line for the sleeving, cut 18" long. Also use Skybond line.
It is kevlar line sleeved with a red striped dacron. Cut to length and remove kevlar. Haven't seen any of this for a while.
Place a small awl or nail in each end and use a lighter to melt the ends so
they don't fray.
Have several sleevers ready made out of guitar strings.
Make sure they are long, maybe 2-2 1/2' long.
I use a split ring on one end with a bead just above it so the sleeving doesn't get tangled in the ends of the guitar wire. Like to use Laser Pro Comp as it is limp. Now people want Laser Pro Gold, don't like it but tolerate it. Line is very stiff. Big demand for it so thats what I order, usually in 1000-3000' rolls.

The first end I tie one overhand knot right near the end of the sleeving, double sleeving and add two overhand knots.
Drive a spike in the ground and stretch out a tape measure. I use a golf ball stake.
Run line out to the length you want
and add an extra 12" and cut line.
Add sleeving. This time add one overhand knot at end of sleeving, double sleeving and
add ONE overhand knot. It's easier this way if you need to adjust the length.
Make up the next line the same way.
Use a line equalizer to make lines the same length. These may be hard to locate and some line winders have them built in.
As for stretching lines, I don't bother. You could use a single line kite to stretch it.
Usually I fly the new set for a day, then check them.

It saves a lot of time if you have sleeving made up beforehand and put on the sleevers
before running the line out.
Have several different weights of sleeving from 80-500 lb.
Think that will do it. Nothing special and works well.


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Re: Making Line Sets

Postby Mike » Mon, Dec 29 2008, 07:06 PM

just joined the forum and has 16 posts already.
Thanks for all the info.

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Re: Making Line Sets

Postby linekahuna » Mon, Dec 29 2008, 10:29 PM

Yep! Nothing better to do when I'm snowbound. I ain't shoveling no mo sno!
Just trying to get some people interested.

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