Peter Lynn 5.7m waterfoil - for a sewing project.

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Peter Lynn 5.7m waterfoil - for a sewing project.

Postby grigorib » Sat, Feb 28 2015, 02:50 PM

Folks, I have a "little sewing project" offer here

A Peter Lynn waterfoil 5.7m kite, an old model of Peter Lynn fixed bridle closed cell foils was sitting in my closet. I noticed one 7" long single thread went bad, began to inspect others and ended up opening seams on 5 cells so stitching back is required. If you got a sewing machine and know how to use it, or have a dear one who can run some threads through ripstop you'll get yourself a little spring project.

Being closed cell it would not sink when landed on water, having brake lines it would reverse relaunch and will pull like a truck when in the air. Black/Yellow "Bee" color scheme.

I know that most of folks here are into revs but I also know that many are good with a sewing machine or know someone who is.

I'd take offers for this big fat foil or would prefer trade.


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