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Kite Sledding

Posted: Mon, Dec 04 2006, 01:42 PM
by Babbman
Anyone tried kite sledding? A cheap plastic sled or one of those things that Chevy Chase rode in Christmas vacation could be very interesting.. need a nice big open field though...

Chris, I think we are going to have to give it a shot with my Ozone 3M and the powerblast...

I think we'd need to get a hold of a control bar maybe for the Ozone...

Denverberry, what's your take on it? Control bar or just handles (with kite killers)?

Yes, I know... and a helmet... 8)

Re: Kite Sledding

Posted: Sat, Dec 09 2006, 02:06 AM
by denverberry
Babb, the only problem with that kind of rig is it's a down-wind only setup. There are snow buggies out there, basic ski conversion for a buggy. If I'm sitting it's going to be quad handles all the way man, the only time I'd use a bar would be if I was going to be doing an activity where I'd be using one hand for something else. The bar also helps keep from over steering the kite. With the bar you're going to need a harness, that's the primary way to set braking.

I don't own a bar, if I did I'd probably just give it to ya to get rid of it... Probably be easy to make, but the harness on the other hand, needs to be comfortable as well as supportive.