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by JJ
Thu, Dec 21 2006, 05:56 AM
Forum: Sewing
Topic: MAKR - Head count
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Re: MAKR - Head Count

Draftnik and I will be there, along with another couple from Sycamore. We didn't get our app. in until Tuesday do to an artwork malfunction on the outside of the envelope. We put about 4 hour Saturaday night putting it all together, but the glue didn't hold.

by JJ
Thu, Dec 14 2006, 09:10 AM
Forum: Introductions
Topic: JJ
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Hi All, This is Jim (JJ) from Dekalb. My wife (Draftnik) and son (kite slayer) have been members for some time. I finally decided to join after Draftnik has asked me every night for the last two or so weeks, "did you read IKE toady?" I have enjoyed everthing I've read so for. Have a great ...

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